• The chicks love Slow Food Baton Rouge And we loves the chicks!

    The chicks are finally here! We have been waiting and waiting for the babies to come and they came in yesterday morning - that’s right, they are shipped as day old chicks. We got a call from the post office and waiting there for us was a small box with air vents and LOTS of peeping. 

    We ordered 4 chickens and a duck. We got 24 chicks and a duck.


    That’s exactly what we were thinking. Turns out they send 20 rooster chicks purely for the warmth and extra padding. It is crazy that their only purpose in life is to be living packing peanuts. 

    We are so excited for the chickens for so many reasons. 

    • They are going to be our living compost turners. We compost from Bet-R and Highland Coffees and the chickens will love to eat the vegetable scraps and worms. 
    • They will aerate the compost as well as add nitrogen
    • We are going to get eggs from them!
    • They are fun to watch. We don’t have a TV, so they are our entertainment!

    We have to be patient, though. As I understand it, it will be about 6 months before we get to eat any eggs.

    That is okay. Good things are worth waiting for.