• Wonderful Day with Yard Bird Farm and Oakland Organic

    We spent a wonderful day with Yard Bird Farm and Oakland Organic Farm. It is amazing how different the landscape looks as you drive north from Baton Rouge. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The temperature was cool, the sky was clear, and we even saw leaves that were changing colors!

    We were able to attend a hibiscus demonstration at YaSin and Elaine Muhaimin’s home in Zachary, LA. 

    They showed us how to make hibiscus jam and chutney, as well as giving us examples of other ways to use it. My favorite was their special hibiscus tea blend. It was absolutely delicious. 

    Hibiscus isn’t all that YaSin and Elaine are involved in, they also have free-range chickens that are raised completely antibiotic free, and happy! You can find them selling wonderful chickens, eggs, and hibiscus products at the Red Stick Farmers Market. 

    After spending the morning at Yard Bird Farm, we went to Gurley, LA to visit our friend, Hutch McClendon, at Oakland Organic Farm. It is absolutely beautiful. 

    The Oakland Plantation was built in 1827 and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Homes. It is complete with the original kitchen building, as well as dining room. The farm is not just a beautiful, historic home.

    Hutch is growing food organically at Oakland and selling at the Red Stick Farmer’s Market, as well as providing food for their CSA. They grow without any artificial herbicides and pesticides. The food is nutritious, delicious, and good for the environment.