• The Chickens (and Duck) Move Outside


    We are so glad you stopped in.

    We have great news, the chickens and duck have moved outside! I think they are as happy about it as we are. While the chicks were real young, they needed to be monitored (the temperature had to be 95 degrees for their first week!), but now that they have their feathers, they are free to express their chicken-ness outside.

    They LOVE being outside.

    We have a heap compost inside their chicken yard. We layer green waste (vegetable scraps, eggs shells, coffee grounds, etc.) and brown waste (leaves, grass clippings). The chickens love to peck and the vegetable scraps and eat bugs, all the while they are benefitting our compost pile by adding their nitrogen as well as aerating the compost. In a couple months we will have rich, black soil that our plants will love.

    One of our most frequently asked questions about the chickens and duck is doing being the only duck in the bunch. We are happy to report that the duck seems to be doing just fine and really enjoys all the attention she gets.


    I’m not sure she even realizes she isn’t a chicken!


    Just relaxing in the sun.


    She is so much bigger than the chicks!

    We have had such a good time having the chicks and the duck. Their antics are hilarious!

    If anyone is interested in having chickens or has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We would love to share pointers and any knowledge we are gaining along the way.